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Stage Right
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# Article Title Hits
1 What are the highest attended shows at the Crighton? 86
2 What are the highest grossing shows at the Crighton? 85
3 What is the official name of the organization? 83
4 Do you loan out materials (set, props, costumes) to other organizations? 54
5 Public Funding 55
6 Do you accept original scripts to be produced on the Crighton stage? 790
7 Afflliates 1691
8 What is One on One? 1788
9 What is your vision and mission statement? 1759
10 What are your by-laws? 2173
11 Poster Archive 32194
12 Newspaper Articles 32230
13 Are children welcome at performances? 2006
14 Podcasts 29248
15 Why Bother With a Code of Conduct? 2179
16 Who was Harry Crighton? 2396
17 Rehearsals - Open or Closed? 3553
18 Code of Conduct 2258
19 What are the House Rules 2216
20 Why do you maintain multiple websites? 2517
21 E-Newsletters 19979
22 DockLine Magazine 33051
23 Save 23% on Season Tickets 2318
24 How are auditions conducted? 2403
25 Where do you keep pictures of Crighton events? 2281
26 Playbills 25532
27 How do I buy tickets? 2260
28 Master Schedule 2391
29 How do I get to the Crighton Theatre? 2163
30 What is your privacy policy? 2556
31 Why don't I see you in the newspapers more often? 2144
32 Are you a professional or community theatre group? 2638
33 Why can't you pay your actors and staff more? 2227
34 Do you pay actors and staff? 2373
35 How do I give you feedback? 2289
36 I like your goals but don’t have time to help out. What can I do? 2111
37 How can I help? 2260
38 My organization believes the same way you do. How can we work together? 2125
39 I think theatre is boring. Why should I come to your shows? 2111
40 I like doing or seeing plays/video with a message or an edge. Why should I come to your shows? 2140
41 I attend many functions and I have limited time and money. How can I help? 2250
42 I’m part of many other organizations and I have limited time. How can I help? 3069
43 I’m an actor/director/techie. Why should I participate in your organization? 2297
44 How do make decisions? 2240
45 How do fund your activities? 2453
46 How do you decide your season of shows? 2305
47 How did you decide your ticket pricing? 2118
48 How will your classes be different from other arts groups? 2269
49 What is your attitude towards other theatre groups? 2131
50 Why form a theatre group now? 2385
51 How can I help? 2128
52 Why do we need another youth education group in Montgomery County? 2353
53 Why do we need another theatre group in Montgomery County? 2203
54 What makes you different from other theatre groups or organizations? 2264
55 Why treasure our history? 2275
56 Why heal through laughter and tears? 2438
57 Why must we grow as individuals and as a community? 2204
58 Why try to inspire the community? 2261
59 Why show respect for the individual? 2127
60 What are the core values for this group? 2065


News Blurb

Cassidy reveals why he's estranged from daughter

After revealing that he has been battling dementia since 2015, David Cassidy is opening up about his complicated relationships with his two children – Beau and Katie. “I’ve never had a relationship with her,” Cassidy, 66, exclusively tells PEOPLE of his only daughter — who has appeared on Gossip Girl and Arrow. “I wasn’t her father. I was her biological father but I didn’t raise her,” he says. “She has a completely different life.” Though Cassidy says he and his daughter, whose mom is former model Sherry Williams, are no longer in contact, he is impressed with the woman she has become. “I’m proud of her,” adds Cassidy. “She’s very talented. It’s hard for me to even accept how old she is now, like 30.” While the Partridge Family star has previously admitted that his struggles with alcohol abuse throughout the years have affected his personal relationships, Cassidy says he still “very much” has a relationship with his only son, Beau. “He’s just one of the best people you’ll ever meet in your life and it’s that that I’m proud of,” says Cassidy. For more on how David Cassidy is coping with his dementia diagnosis, pick up this week’s issue of PEOPLE, on newsstands Friday Though the teen idol has admitted to having kept his diagnosis a secret, he says Beau, whose mother is Cassidy’s ex-wife Sue Shifrin, has been fully aware. “He knows that I’m just a little off,” he says. “Sometimes he cocks his head at me a little bit and goes, ‘Dad do you remember?’ and I say, ‘No, I know I do, I remember.’ He’ll give me reminders once in a while.” “He just turned 26,” he adds. “He’s such a beautiful person.” Now, as Cassidy comes to terms with his condition, he has made the decision to stop touring as a musician to concentrate on his health and happiness. “I want to focus on what I am, who I am and how I’ve been without any distractions,” he says. “I want to love. I want to enjoy life.”